atp pc resynthesis

As the name suggests the ATP-PC system consists of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC). This energy system provides immediate energy through the breakdown of these stored high energy phosphates. If this energy system is 'fully stocked' it will provide energy for maximal intensity, short duration
Creatine phosphate (CP), like ATP, is stored in muscle cells. When it is broken down, a large amount of energy is released. The energy released is coupled to the energy requirement necessary for the resynthesis of ATP. The total muscular stores of both ATP and CP are small. Thus, the amount of energy obtainable through
This video describes the ATP CP system and how ATP is hydrolyzed and regenerated from creatine ...
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Human bioenergetics is an interesting topic. However, energy systems function is understood by few and/or can be confusing to many. Open a quality exercise physiology text and it can leave you saying “huh?” when reading about aerobic, anaerobic, and immediate energy metabolism. It can get even worse when sifting
The limiting factor for CP resynthesis which could be a low intramuscular pH or availability of oxygen has been investigated in the present study. Biopsies from musculis quadriceps femoris of man were analyzed for pH, ATP, ADP, CP, creatine, lactate and pyruvate. It was shown that resynthesis of CP only occurs when the
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Resynthesis. of. Fuels. Once the power output demand to sustain exercise is reduced, by either decreasing the exercise intensity or 180- ^160- B £ 140- | 120- "? ... The phosphagens of the ATP-PC system are not totally expended in the production ol A If hui arc broughl to >i lesser energy state by dephosphorylation.
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This system is the most powerful system and therefore has the fates rate of ATP resynthesis, it also has the shortest duration/capacity. ATP-PC is the predominate system for 6 to 10 seconds at a 95% intensity rate. ATP-PC relies on creatine phosphate for fuel; this is an anaerobic system which means that it does not require

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