atp-pc energy system resynthesis

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As the name suggests the ATP-PC system consists of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC). This energy system provides immediate energy through the breakdown of these stored high energy phosphates. If this energy system is 'fully stocked' it will provide energy for maximal intensity, short duration
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Understanding energy systems. Key terms & definitions: Anaerobic: A process that does not require oxygen. Aerobic: A process that requires oxygen. ATP Yield: The total amount of ATP produced by an energy system. ATP Rate: The speed of ATP resynthesis by an energy system. Creatine Phosphate (CP): The fuel broken
Aerobic. Oxidation. (breakdown). Pyruvate. The anaerobic glycolysis system only breaks down carbohydrates to rebuild. АТР. Aerobic. Anaerobic. Lactic acid actate. АТР resynthesis co,+ H20. The aerobic system can break a range of fuels to rebuild ATP: fats, carbohydrates and proteins if required. ATP ADP. ATP = energy!
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This system is the most powerful system and therefore has the fates rate of ATP resynthesis, it also has the shortest duration/capacity. ATP-PC is the predominate system for 6 to 10 seconds at a 95% intensity rate. ATP-PC relies on creatine phosphate for fuel; this is an anaerobic system which means that it does not require
-Characteristics and interplay of the 3 energy systems (ATP-CP, anaerobic glycolysis and aerobic system). -Fuels required for resynthesis of ATP during physical activity and utilisation of food for energy. -Relative contribution of the energy systems and fuels used to produce ATP in relation to the exercise intensity, duration

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